Understand Your Affiliate Attribution.

We tell you two things to save you marketing spend and help understand your affiliate marketing channel better. 

  1. Are your affiliates taking credit for too many sales or sales that should be credited to other partners.
  2. What can you afford to pay each of them for the true value they bring to growing your business.
Let us show you how to look at your affiliate attribution differently.

Our Service

Affiliate attribution is inherently flawed, typically offering credit to the last party involved who could have had very little impact on the likelihood of the transaction occurring. We ingest your Google Analytics and affiliate network data to understand what affiliate partners are driving sales vs. taking credit for sales and show you how to leverage this to pay your partners accordingly.

Affiliate Incrementality

Affiliate attribution is flawed. Learn which partners are actually driving your sales.

Optimized & Max CPA

Knowing both the ideal CPA and max CPA you can profitably afford to pay enables you to maximize profitability.


Discover your profitable affiliates and those who are just benefiting from the traffic you're already driving to your site.

Affiliate Health Score

Understand the overall health of your affiliate program including profitability, sustainability and growth potential.

About Us


Afftribute was started by Scott Wanamaker, an affiliate marketing veteran who has spent the last decade profitably growing affiliate programs for ecommerce brands. Simply put Afftribute stands for Affiliate Attribution.

Too often he saw brands challenging the status quo their agencies, affiliates and networks tried to push on them. And just as often, he saw questions go unanswered. Or the answers that did come were incomplete or intentionally ignoring facts and the data available. 

Afftribute was built to help brands better understand what affiliate partners are driving sales, which are assisting in the conversion and which are simply wasting your marketing dollars.

Client Testimonials

"We were able to reduce our annual spend by over $30k with no impact on the performance of our affiliate channel"
A Home Decor Brand
“It looked like some of our affiliates were getting credit for over 90% more sales then they were actively driving. We used this data to lower commissions or negotiate more placements. This led to real incremental gains in revenue at a lower CPA.”
A Online Gift Retailer
“We felt like nobody was listening to our concerns. We launched an affiliate program and immediately got sales, but our total site sales weren't increasing. Afftribute was able to show us why and what this meant for us."
A Women's Apparel Brand

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions.

Let us show you why your current affiliate channel attribution is flawed and answer all of your attribution questions. 

Then we’ll show you how Afftribute can save you money and show you which affiliate relationships are most valuable to growing your business. 

Contact us for your 30 minute free attribution training.